Tshwane has implemented a catch-up plan to collect waste in areas where operations were disrupted by this week’s protest action by the taxi industry, which resulted in a waste collection backlog in certain parts of the City.

The taxi strike on Monday, June 22, 2020, left many commuters stranded, including our waste management employees who battled to commute to work.

Even though the City had put in place contingency measures to counter the impact of the strike, some of the key routes were blocked by taxis during the demonstration. The disruption to the City’s busiest waste disposal site where vehicles were prevented from accessing the landfill for disposal of waste exacerbated the backlog.

Although the City was informed of the planned taxi strike, we did not anticipate that the protestors would stop waste collection trucks from going into areas of operations as well as the unforeseen prevention of access to the waste disposal facility.

The obstruction of routes and disruption of waste disposal operations had resulted in various parts of the City is left with no waste collection on Monday, and this created a backlog that affected the waste collection schedule for the week.

Our customers are advised to ensure that waste bins that remained uncollected by the end of the scheduled collection day should be taken outside for collection by the City the following day. The catch-up plan that is underway will run into the weekend in the affected areas.

The City wishes to apologize to its customers for the inconvenience caused and to thank them for their cooperation.