Mr Thabo Nchako, a 30-year-old creative artist

Mr Thabo Nchako, a 30-year-old creative artist residing in Ga-Rankuwa is making money through converting denim clothes into attractive hats.

Mr Nchako Matriculated in 2007 at Modiri High School and developed his passion for making clothes from his grandmother who was a seamstress.

Bluedenimhats is the name of the brand.

‘‘It has been 11 years working on my craft and always trying to take it to the next level. For me, it never stops. From 2010 -2013 I was studying Fine and Applied Arts at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

“During my first and second year everything was good, I was learning new stuff and doing well with the course. In 2013 during my final year to obtain my diploma, I decided to stop everything because my calling of being a Fashion Designer was too strong.


“I had to pick up that call. My Grandmother could not understand why I would want to quit when I was literally on top of my game.

‘‘For me, deep down I was not happy, I felt like I was living someone’s dream, so I just had to quit and purchase a sewing machine for myself. I told myself that this is the new me and never looked back ever since,’’ Mr Nchako added.

He said he is currently only making hats, “because I never really saw myself as a Fashion Designer therefore from that thought alone, I decided to filter the kind of products I make and focused more on being a hat designer then, later on, I officially launched Bluedenimhats.

The product Logo of Mr Thabo Nchako.

“This is basically where the idea of creative denim recycling came from. Bluedenimhats is the name of my brand.

‘‘My biggest achievement is being constantly amazing in what I do. I honestly feel like it is something that keeps me going, people are becoming more aware of my creative work, there is high demand and time management is key, thefore, I am working on bringing few people on board to help with production,’’ he said.

‘‘My grandmother has always been an inspiration to me, from just being the strong woman, she is creative and a true perfectionist to be honest.

“Because of life’s ups and downs, if it was not for my family and close friends, I would not be where I am today. A strong support system is key.

“I am a hustler and COVID-19 just turned me into a beast and I cannot complain, all I can ever do is work hard and put my work out there. Apart from being on the machine, I am forever on my grind.

He advises the youth to be patient, explore, run their own race and connect with people who inspire them,’’ he said.

Photos of his work can be seen on Instagram; @Bluedenimhats.