MMC for Environment and Agriculture Management in the City of Tshwane speaking to one the volunteers about preventing illegal dumping in Ga-Rankuwa

Environment and Agriculture Management Department under the City of Tshwane hosted an environmental education and waste management workshop for volunteer groups in Ga-Rankuwa Zone 2.

Ms Katlego Mathebe, MMC for Environment and Agriculture Management said “Over the years Ga-Rankuwa has suffered a great deal of environmental degradation due to illegal dumping, littering, encroachment, and illegal land occupation.

“While the city has programs in place to tackle these challenges, some local residents have come forward to work with the city and share the responsibility to keep their communities clean.


“In Light of this collaboration, we then organized the workshop to provide information and strengthen our relations with the community to protect the environment and preserve it for future generations,” she said.

Fortunate Mokou community volunteer leader said during the workshop, city officials provided information on programs such as Adapt a- Spot which allows people, businesses, or community groups to clean, maintain and beautify public open spaces.

“The workshop also highlighted ongoing efforts and information on preventing and reporting illegal dumping. Other matters of discussion include the range of waste collection services available in the city, separation of waste at source and recycling, as well as agricultural support programs for those wishing to establish small-scale community gardens in suitably zoned areas.” She said

Mr Mpho Sokhela, a Volunteer resident said he opted to join the program because he is a community activist, and he believes that the majority of people like him joined the workshop for the same reason, which is to maintain a clean community.

“Since a large portion of the program’s participants are young people, we should serve as positive role models for them. We are extremely grateful for what the City has done for us. It means a lot and we appreciate it. If we are the ones who ensure that we eradicate illegal dumping in our area, I’m sure many people will automatically join us on that,” he said.