The Zondi Patrol Service accompanied by Ga-Rankuwa-SAPS hosted a drug awareness event in Schools of Ga-Rankuwa Modiri Secondary School, Tlotlompo Primary School, and Setlalentoa Secondary School during February and the beginning of March.

Mr Sibusiso Zondi the founder of the Zondi Patrol Service said ” Our goal is to keep them away from drugs. We also address bullying in schools and search for weapons, drugs, and other prohibited items.

“We heard from parents and teachers that we need to work together to deal with those who break the rules at school. Because we assist parents in educating and raising these young children, we intervened. We believe that a child is raised by a community” he said.

Sergeant Mrs Merriam Mokoena of the Ga-Rankuwa SAPS said “Events like these benefit the community greatly because they promote safety, and on behalf of SAPS, we appreciate what the Zondi Patrol Service is doing for the community in terms of crime prevention.


One of the community members who attended the event said “This is extremely beneficial to us and our children because teachers alone do not always manage to deal with school safety. We are grateful for the assistance provided by the Zondi Patrol Service on behalf of our community. We wish them continued success in their efforts, and as a community, we will continue to show our support and appreciation” she said.