The vandalized infrastructure in Zone 15

The Ga-Rankuwa industrial park in Zone 15 has been destroyed and robbed allegedly by nyaope adicts, causing concern among residents. The industrial park has been demolished, and locals have lost faith in the chances of job creations.

It is alleged that some of the residents have been vandalizing and stealing materials to build their shacks since security companies left due to the nonpayment of the security companies.

Nyaope addicts, on the other hand, are alledged to be selling material such as steel, poles, and roofing to scrap yards.

As quoted in a local online news portal, a representative of the Ga-Rankuwa business chamber, Mr Mojalefa Pila said in the space of two weeks, almost 40 firms have been destroyed.


“We have asked for help from the Premier’s office, both from North West and Gauteng, appealing to them to help us concerning the cross border issue because it is creating a problem. This place is overrun by criminal elements and Nyaope victims are preying on spaces that are not being utilized,” he said.